Sardinia Wild Blue

October 2023

Ancient trails, caves, sea, canyons, emotions
(May – September – October)

It is still possible to have an adventure: Baunei, a small town in Sardinia, is a hill town (480 meters above sea level) and is located in a very varied territory where plateaus, rugged mountains, deep gorges, cliffs and beautiful beaches alternate . The “Wild Blue” trail is considered one of the most beautiful treks in the Mediterranean. We will walk it in complete safety with a UIAGM Mountain Guide along the paths of the shepherds who first laid out the trails along the coast

Accompanied by UIAGM mountain guide.
Tours for private groups: 8 to 12 guests
EEA commitment : between 5 and 8 hours of walking per day, short climbs, rappelling
Transfers by car/off-road vehicle.

Each morning the group is met (by sea or land) by Staff who deliver hot breakfasts and packed lunches including 2 l of water collect heavy luggage (tents and duffel bag). You then walk light, with only your daily backpack.

Dinner will be prepared at each stopover point by the Staff, who will carry luggage and tents.
Meals are based on fresh local produce, so they vary according to season and availability.

Report food intolerances or special needs (vegetarians/vegans) at the time of booking.

Program (8 days – 7 nights)

Day 1

Meeting at Golgo Refuge (8 km from Baunei), check-in and accommodation in bungalows .

Briefing on trekking, equipment check.

The bungalows are very simple, each equipped with 2 bunk beds. You sleep with your own sleeping bag.

Facilities (toilets, showers) are shared with the camping area.

Day 2  From Refugie a Gennirco

Depart by 4WD to Pedra Longa locality, where the trek begins. Comfortable sentierofino to the Giradili ledge that climbs the cliffper 780 mt until we reach the summit. From here we can sweep with our gaze over the entire Gulf of Arbatax towards the sea and up to the peaks of the Gennargentu inland (

Walking time: about 5h, difficulty Hiking (E). Height difference: 800 mt uphill and 200 mt downhill
Packed lunch
Dinner and overnight stay in the locality of Gennirco in a tent.

Day 3  Gennirco-Porto Pedrosu

This section runs mostly along the edge of the Capo Monte Santo cliff, which separates the Gulf of Arbatax from the Gulf of Orosei. Using juniper ladders equipped by shepherds, we descend into the gully of Bacu Tenadili, from which we ascend the slope ( short grade III climbing), crag where Europe’s largest colony of the Falco della
Queen’s Hawk The Queen’s Hawk (Falco eleonorae) is a medium-sized hawk with a wingspan of 110 to 130 cm.

Hiking time: about 6h. Degree of difficulty EE (Experienced Hiker: climbing sections are safely managed by the mountain guide).  Elevation gain: 800 m downhill, 200 m uphill
Packed lunch
Dinner and overnight stay in tent locality Portu Pedrosu/Cuau

Day 4  Porto Pedrosu/Cuau – Genna Mudregu

Past the inlet of Porto Cuau we follow the edge of the cliff, admiring the ‘entire Gulf of Orosei. We continue to Punta Salinas overlooking Cala Goloritzè where we will stop to contemplate the grandeur of the Caroddi spire: a 128-meter-high pinnacle overlooking the beach, also known to climbers for its sport climbing routes (the most famous is the Windmill Symphony, opened by Manolo and Alessandro Gogna in the 1970s).  Finally, to reach the staging post, you also use to a juniper log placed vertically as a ladder used by shepherds.

Walking time: about 6h. Degree of difficulty EE. Elevation gain: 600mt uphill and 300mt downhill.
Packed lunch
Dinner and overnight stay in tent, locality Genna e Mudregu

Day 5  Genna Mudregu-Su Tasaru

Passing through the inlet of Porto Cuau we reach Punta Salinas and then descend into the Mediterranean scrub until we reach the beach of Goloritzè.  We climb the Boladina gully (short climbs of III° and IV°) pass the wall and continue to the Su Tasaru locality.

Walking time: about 8h. Degree of difficulty EEA (Experienced Hikers with Mountaineering Equipment).
Elevation gain: 1000 mt in ascent and 500 mt in descent
Packed lunch.
Dinner and overnight stay in tent in Su Tasaru locality.

Day 6  Su Tasaru – Bacu Su Padente

This is the most challenging stage of the entire trek, allowing you to reach places that are not accessible without mountaineering and rappeling.

Walking time: about 8h Degree of difficulty EEA. Elevation gain: 600 m uphill and 700 m downhill
Packed lunch.
Dinner and overnight stay in tent in Bacu Su Padente locality.

Day 7  Bacu Su Padente, Cala Sisine – Golgo Refuge (by car 4×4)

Also on the last day, although less strenuous, beautiful scenery and some mountaineering difficulties: 4 rappels and two climbs( III° and IV° grade) and a small “traverse”.

Walking time: about 6h Degree of difficulty EEA .Altitude difference: 465 mt uphill and 650 mt  down hill
Packed lunch
Dinner at the Refuge Restaurant and overnight stay in bungalow.

Day 8

Breakfast, relax.  End of the Tour

General Information

Duration Destination Start
8 days and 7 nights Italy (Sardinia) tbd



Payments: 30% deposit on booking, balance 30 days before departure date.

Cancellation fee: 50 % of the participation fee (100 % for cancellations less than 30 days before departure date)

That’s good to know, important note.

Difficulty: medium (EE/ EEA classification, via ferrata sections, rappels/double ropes, short easy climbing (3rd grade)
Commitment: between 5 and 8 hours of walking per day, maximum elevation gain 700 meters uphill.

Before departure, the mountain guide contacts all participants for useful information about the trip and the necessary equipment.
The programme may be subject to change at the sole discretion of the mountain guide depending on weather conditions and the technical level of the participants.
In the event of changes to the programme, for reasons beyond the mountain guide’s control, any additional costs will be divided between the participants.


Beach towel and swimsuit, Waterproof cape, Insect repellent. Recommended energy supplements, which can also be purchased locally. The Guide will still contact participants for advance briefing.

Harness*,Via ferrata kit, helmet*
Bag capable of containing all the material to be carried on 4×4 car, (max 15 kg)
Daypack (30 liters) , Sleeping bag,  Tent*, Mattress*.
Hiking boots that charm the ankle,  2 l water bottle, head torch.  Glass, plate and cutlery (do not use disposable plastic !, organic paper, biodegradable wet wipes, no detergents)
Lighter, to incinerate the paper we will use for personal needs
* It is possible to rent the equipment indicated with an asterisk  upon reservation

Transfers and excursions as scheduled
UIAGM (International Union of Mountain Guide Associations)
Common safety and first aid equipment
Mountain rescue insurance (rescue, recovery and transport to first aid point)

Transfer by off-road vehicle from the Refuge to Pedra Longa

Off-road transfer from Cala Sisine to the Refuge
6 days of trekking with mountain guide
10 Backpack transports
7 Breakfasts, 6 Packed Lunches, 7 Typical Dinners
2 overnights in bungalows at the Refuge


Transfer to the program meeting point

Trip cancellation insurance (about 60€/person)

Entrance fee in Baunei protected area (30€/person)

Health insurance
Anything not mentioned in the paragraph “the fee includes”


Informations and booking