We Are Summit-8

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” (Lao Tsu)

An innovative company offering services for a

new way of experiencing

nature, sport, leisure and travel.

Seven are the highest Summits of each of the seven Continents: Everest, Aconcagua, Denali, Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Vinson and Puncak Jaya.

Climbing the Seven Summits is considered one of the most prestigious mountaineering challenge, chased by alpinists and explorers from all over the World.

We got inspired by this tale and thought of an Eighth Summit, which is nowhere, because it is different for each one of us.

It can be in the depth of the sea, in the open ocean, on the top of a steep mountain, in the silence of a forest…

We want to help you to find your unique “eighth summit”.

Summit-8 Team

Stefano Piccoli

Manager of multinational companies for over 30 years: I have worked, travelled and lived on four continents.

I decided to combine my professional skills and life experiences with my lifelong passions: the mountains, the sea, travelling in nature, discovering the local territory and promoting traditional cultures.

Marta Giorgetti

For more than 20 years, I have been working in marketing for service and product companies with passion and an openness to innovation: today, Marketing Manager in a translation and interpreting company. What distinguishes me? I am happy in my soul and body breathing in the open air, running, cycling, climbing, touching the grass, snow and ice. These are the moments when I am good with people and myself.

Giorgio Tori

Italy offers an incredible variety of natural aspects, with the constant presence of sea and mountains, and it is thanks to this that I have developed a passion for outdoor activities, whether it is walking, climbing, cycling or swimming.

Slowness is the dimension of traveling in nature: you can stop, look around, smell the scent of what surrounds you, listen to the noises of water, plants, animals, rocks and ice. This makes us feel small but also really part of nature, and here we are fine.

Summit-8 Tour leaders

Luca Macchetto


IUAGM Alpine Guide

I work as a full-time guide, realizing my dream of transforming my great passion for the mountains into my profession. For a short time I dedicated myself to ski mountaineering competitions by participating in various competitions including the Mezzalama Trophy; in recent years I have specialized in multi-day ski mountaineering crossings in the Alps with clients from all over Europe.

Ski mountaineering, sport climbing and mountaineering: I don’t have a favorite activity, I follow the seasons, all of them leave me great satisfaction and have allowed me to visit enchanting places like Chile, to ski on volcanoes, Argentina, to climb Aconcagua or the crags of Spain and Greece in search of warmth when the cold begins to be felt at home.

Mirko Sotgiu


Mountain Leader and Photographer

I’m a professional photographer specialized in mountain environment. I lives and works in the mountains and in the mountains i know how to celebrate the qualities of strength and purity.

I was born 1977 in Genoa, and i approach the photography as a boy right in the mountains and ended up bringing what was a documentary passion of the emotions felt in the mountains to a real creative work and at the service of tourism. I deal with alpine and travel documentaries, collaborating with important televisions such as RAI and BSkyB.

I’m founder of Alpinfoto by producing an archive of the Alpine valleys and major mountain ranges in Europe. I collaborate with the major mountain and tourism publications. I love sharing my work, my passion for photography and the mountains by organizing courses, workshops and photographic trips in collaboration with mountain guides.

Aldo Bafico


Diving marine naturalist

Born in Genoa, grew up between the coasts of Liguria and Sardinia: in my veins blood flows diluted with salt water.
Passionate about the sea and nature, I graduated in Natural Sciences and specialised in the marine environment, studying fish, their colours and liveries, observing them in the Mediterranean Sea and going to Indonesia, where fish live in symbiosis with corals and anemones. And then, furthermore: cetaceans, sharks, turtles….
My passion has become my profession, scientific divulgation my life; I collaborate with the WWF, with the Massa Marittima shark study centre and with the Genoa Aquarium.
The underwater world is little known only because it is less accessible. I hope to be able to show you, through the lens of a mask and armed only with a camera, the wonders of our sea that have bewitched me from the first glance.

Lorenzo “Loz” Vietto


Sail Instructor

Since I was a child I have known the sea and the wind, playing with kites, canoes and small sailing boats.
The passion became sport: regattas, competitions, navigations and then instructor and manager in the most important schools (Centro Nautico di Levante and Velamareclub).
Nautical culture, respect for nature, and crew spirit are my style at sea, and the crew of my heart is my family: Elena and little Matilde, who started sailing when she was just a few months old.
I love to remember a phrase from one of the greatest lone sailors of our time, Bernard Moitessier:
“I am a citizen of the most beautiful country in the world. A country with hard but simple laws, which never cheats, immense and without borders, where life flows in the present. In this country without limits, in this country of wind, light and peace, there is no Great Chief but the Sea”.